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Ultra Deck Flooring Rentals


UltraDeck Flooring 35' x 40' Hexagon Tent 1100ft2 $1099.00

UltraDeck Flooring 20' x 20' Square Tent 400ft2 $449.00

UltraDeck Flooring 16' x 12' Dance Floor 192ft2 $249.00

UltraDeck 1 (EDU1) is a modular medium-duty natural turf protection system. It is designed to offer a greater level of protection, rigidity, and weight loading capability than Signature’s EventDeck 1 system.

UltraDeck was specifically engineered to provide optimal natural grass protection during special events, such as tent events, concerts or festivals, and to minimize wear and tear.

The underside of the module features a specially designed multi-directional cable channel to neatly thread power and communication wiring and rope lighting.

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All plastic flooring materials will expand and contract during fluctuating temperature conditions. In plastic modular floors, this “thermal expansion” phenomenon can result in floors warping, buckling, disconnecting or otherwise becoming uneven.

Only Signature Flooring’s UltraDeck offers an engineered expansion joint module to accommodate the thermal expansion that can occur during varying temperature conditions. Like an expansion joint in a bridge, building, or highway, the UltraDeck expansion module is designed to accommodate natural expansion.